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District Track Update

The Selah School District track, located on the Selah Middle School campus, did not fare well through this past winter season.  Now, as we turn the corner to spring, the track has damage to its surface that will not allow students to use it for classes, practices or athletic competitions.  Unfortunately, this is very bad timing as the high school spring sports season started on Monday February 26. 

Annually the track is repaired in order to provide a surface that is usable for the year.  However, this past winter, the weather caused the track surface to rise in certain locations and deteriorate in other locations causing an uneven and unsafe surface.  The District has put a plan in place to immediately begin repairing the track.  Today, the track surface is being taken off down to the asphalt base and then later in the spring or summer a new surface will be installed.  By installing a completely new surface we are told that it will eliminate the need to annually repair the track to the extent that we are currently doing so and will provide a safe and competitive surface for years to come.  We realize that this is problematic for our student athletes, middle school physical education classes and the community members who use the track, but to fix it now will be better in the long run.

Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please let us know.