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A Run with the Selah Intermediate School Vikings!

Selah Intermediate students were on the run this fall as they laced up their running shoes and set the pace as over 170 third, fourth and fifth graders participated in the school’s Annual Run with the Vikings event.

Originally developed by retired Selah teacher, Dawn Gunner, to promote physical activity and to reinforce a healthy lifestyle, this year’s event was organized by intermediate school PE teachers Jennifer Quigley, Angie Brown and Lily Tyrrell, who wanted to reinforce the positive impact exercise has on students.  Quigley pointed to studies which show that active kids are confident and excel in school. 

Quigley said, “We hope to encourage kids to be active and fit and one of our goals is that they feel a sense of accomplishment.  This isn’t easy and it takes courage to put yourself out there and run in a race.” 

In preparation for the event, the PE teachers talked to students about the importance of being active throughout life and making healthy choices.  Also, a majority of students participated in the school’s Mileage Club.  At the conclusion of the race each participant received spirit beads, and the top boy’s and girls’ finishers for each division earned a medal. 

Teaming with the intermediate school organizers was the Selah High School Boys’ Cross-Country Team which provided on-site assistance during the event.  After all, Shane Polley’s team knows about preparing for running success.  During the event, the high school runners assisted the field of younger racers by tracking their laps, monitoring the finish chute, distributing spirit swag, and most importantly providing encouragement.  Selah’s high school team was definitely impressed by the field of runners!

Selah Intermediate School students were definitley on the run this fall as they laced up their running shoes and set the pace at the Run with the Vikings event!

They're off!  Selah Intermediate School students set the pace during the Run with the Vikings event.Runners see the finish line as they run with the Vikings!Run with the Vikings participants cross the finish line with accomplishment!