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Culinary Arts!

Last week the students in Culinary Science had the opportunity to do a small catering job for visiting School Board members.

Mrs. Garretson chose the team leaders and then stepped back and let them work it out. They planned, shopped, practiced, plated, arranged. One of the pastries was a from scratch laminated dough and one of the options was intentionally chosen to provide a gluten free option.

Students you see pictured were in charge of "Day of" activities but listed below are all of the kids that participated.

Lily Nichols
Morgan Freeburg
Matthew Hajighassem
Wesley Heine
Jasmine Hernandez
Alyssa Reedy
Ceidra Salazar
Tia Shean
Hannah Spence
Colin Thomas
Ibrahim Velasquez
Zoe Wakefield
Kyli Washabaugh
Charis Williams