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Tech Tip!

This month's tech tip is more for students than anyone else, but it can also be helpful to adults who may need to get organized.  As we near the middle of the semester (which does not seem possible already, especially with all of the snow we still have), it is important to consider brushing up on study skills and getting yourself organized.  There are many organizational tech tools at your fingertips that you may never have considered using.  For example, using the built in calendar tool/planner on your phone and setting it up to send you reminders is a great way to stay on top of all of your due dates and tests as well as any outside of school activities.  In addition, utilizing your Google drive is a great way to store all of your school work, but it can get a little overwhelming as you put more and more in there.  Because of how crowded it can get in there, it is important to give each document a name in order to more easily find what you need.  It can also help to put documents in folders in order to access things more quickly.

For more information and suggestions on how to get organized and use technology to your advantage, rather than letting it use you, Click here for more info.