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The Baby-Sitter Club Teaches Childcare Basics!

With their version of the Baby-Sitters Club, a trio of Selah Middle School students recently spearheaded an event focused on the basics of child care. 

Gigi Gamache, Makenna Heinle, and Clare Richards, eighth grade students in the school’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club, organized and hosted a Babysitting Basics Training this fall attended by 50 participants all wanting to know the essentials and safety techniques of caring for kids.

Like most middle school aged students, Gigi, Makenna, and Clare wanted to provide childcare services as a way to make a little extra money, but needed to know some babysitting basics. However, when they originally looked for in-person training, they could not find an available class. Everything was being done online, and because of the circumstances from the past year-and-a-half, the girls had had their fill of remote learning instruction. It was suggested that the trio could offer their own training, but they felt since they did not have hours of actual experience they could not solely facilitate a complete event, and therefore decided to seek assistance. So, with help from their teacher and advisor, Heather Fendel, the girls’ formed a committee to help them find workshop presenters and resources.  Also, the girls contacted parents to find out what they wanted from their babysitters, selected topics of focus for the training, and marketed for event participation. The girls also organized the agenda for the day’s training and arranged for the assistance of Selah High School teacher, Shari Brink, and her Future Teachers, who would be helping with instruction during the day’s activities.  On the day of the training the high school students presented break-out sessions and worked closely with participants and attendees learned how to change a diaper, burp a baby and perform CPR on an infant and child.  They also received a safety booklet and small first aid kit, a babysitting kit with children’s books, games, and a collection of recipes to make healthy snacks when babysitting.

With the overwhelming success of the babysitting basics training, Gigi, McKenna and Clare will move forward in FCCLA competition with their project and hope to follow-up on their national award-winning project from last year. Incidentally, Selah Middle School is the most FCCLA national award-winning middle school program in Washington State.

With their version of the Baby-Sitters club, Gigi Gamache, Makenna Heinle, and Clare Richards wanted to make sure that young people know the basics!

Gigi Gamache, Makenna Heinle, and Clare Richards organized a baby-sitter basics training this fall.Selah High School Future Teachers assisted with the training event.Selah students learn the basics of babysitting with hands-on activities.