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A Message from Selah Superintendent, Kevin McKay

May 18, 2023

Selah School District Parents and Community:

Our most important function in the Selah School District is to provide the safest learning environment possible for all of our students and staff.  Because of this, I am providing a communication about two threats the District received this week specific to Selah Middle School—the first one on Monday morning, the second this morning as the school day began.  

In both instances, the District became aware of the threats to the middle school through its Stop-It App, where students can anonymously report school safety issues.  Both threats were posted on social media sites where students viewed the threat and then used the Stop it App to communicate.   Please know that all threats to our schools and students are taken very seriously and are investigated thoroughly. In both instances, law enforcement was immediately involved to ensure all the proper safety protocols were put into action.  Further, district and building administrators worked closely with law enforcement that had assembled at the campus to make school operating decisions based on the information at hand. 

Responding to Monday’s threat of an active shooter, out of an abundance of caution, classes were canceled at Selah Middle School and students were either transported home, or released to a parent or guardian.  In conjunction, the District’s other campuses began the student day in secure and teach protocol, which was later lifted mid-morning.  The decision to only cancel classes at the middle school was made as the threat was specific solely to that campus.  After a thorough investigation, a Selah Middle School student was found to be responsible for the threat.  The student is facing school disciplinary action and any criminal action is being handled by law enforcement.  No weapons or plans to follow through with the threat were identified.

Responding to this morning’s threat of an active shooter, students began the school day in secure and teach protocol.  The Selah Police Department was immediately notified after the threat was received.  Again, an investigation was conducted and it was determined safe to lift the secure and teach around 9:15 a.m..  In this incident, it was determined Selah Middle School students were involved in the threat, but the investigation has yet to determine which student(s) are responsible.  Again, the student(s) who are responsible will face disciplinary action and any criminal action will be handled by law enforcement.  No weapons or plans to follow through with the threat were identified.

We encourage parents to discuss the situation of this week with their children and emphasize that there are consequences of inappropriate actions, even if a threat is made in jest. Also, please remind your child about the importance of reporting any suspicious or potentially threatening activity to an adult as soon as possible.  This is how we were able to take immediate action this week and begin our safety investigations and secure the school.  Additionally, if your student needs to speak with someone about the incidents that have occurred, our administrative and counseling staff are available.  Please reach out to them. 

We appreciate your help as we work together to keep all of our students safe.  We also realize that the incidents have created a sense of frustration and stress for students, parents and our entire community.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 509-698-8002.


Kevin McKay, Selah School District Superintendent