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Best of the Best Nominees Announced!

Selah School District Announces its Best—Viking Way Style!

Viking Way:  Best of the Best Awards Scheduled for Tuesday, May 9

As the Selah School District prepares to celebrate staff during recognition week May 8-12, the 2023 Best of the Best nominations have been sprinkled in blue and gold as this year’s nominees are announced.

This year’s Annual Best of the Best Ceremony will return as a live event held on Tuesday, May 9, at 6:00 p.m., in the Selah Middle School VPAC.  On this evening, the Selah School District will highlight its finest as it recognizes its Viking Way: Best of the Best award recipients for the 2022-2023 school year.  Also, the 2023 retiree class will be honored.

The Best of the Best awards is a recognition program designed to recognize outstanding certified and classified staff, as well as volunteers in Selah.  The nominations process coincides with The Viking Way culture to honor individuals who, within their role, work to contribute to the District’s culture of excellence.

Individuals nominated for this year’s Viking Way: Best of the Best awards include:

Administrator/Director:  Heather Burfeind, Joe Coscarart, Marc Gallaway, Lee Grams, Stefani Henry, Paul Hudson, Kristi Irion, John Campbell Administrative Team (Cesar Ortiz, Alexa Ranger, and Amanda Scribner), Colton Monti, and Cesar Ortiz.

Certificated Staff:  Dawn Acheson, Mary Allen, Marizol Amezcua, Maria Arteaga, Taylor Babcock, Valerie Barnett, Stacey Beasley, Kelsey Binder, Jeanne Borman, Amanda Boyer, Jared Brink, Brooklyn Brown, Terra Buechler, Sara Callanan, Bethany Cardenas, Andre Cavazos, Shelby Clements, Erick Cleveland, Ann Marie Cordova, Max Diaz, Brian Dibble, Peyton Eckman, Marie Ehlis, Rod Eshleman, Heather Fendell, Fifth Grade Team (Aleida Amaya, Monica Bredwell, Terra Buechler, Alisha Coon, Peyton Eckman, Jennifer Grubb, Shannon Hussell, Kortney Marshall, Maria Moreno, Renee Snodgrass, and Olena Spicer), Eloy Flores, Stephanie Flores, Fourth Grade Dual Language Team (Maria Arteaga, Kristen Blodgett, Nubia Delgado, and Kris Rees), Rebekah Fuss, Sara Gross, Jennifer Grubb, Scott Gunner, Rubi Gutierrez, Toni Hiatt, Lindsey Huck, Shannon Hussell, Michelle Jackson, Karen Jochen, John Campbell Counseling Team (Brenda Milas and Rosa Rios), Brad Johnson, Shirin Kazami, Becky Keagle, Chris Keller, Kindergarten Dual Language Team (Marizol Amezcua, Stephanie Erickson, Stephanie Flores, Brianna Ramirez, and Elena Sullivan), Isabel King, Zach Lean, Kevin Madson, Kelly Mattson, Alison Maybee, Michelle McCartney, Courtney McDonald, Daisy Mendoza, Kate Mercer, Brenda Milas, Becky Norgard, Ezequial Olivera, Allie Ollinger, Brook Olsen, Rosa Rios, Theena Roberts, Kelly Rose, Kevin Russell, Jessica Sauve, Courtney Schrader, Jacqlyn Scoggin, Rachelle Skeen, Catie Smith, Alex Soto, Elena Sullivan, Marla Tappero, Bailey Treat, Gina Valdivia, Brittany Valicoff, Chandra Vollendorf-Anderson, and Tamera Wilcox.

Classified Staff:  Aimee Acevedo, Carrie Allum, Christy Arenson, Dusty Arenson, Cinthia Benitez, Kristin Brown, Luis Ceja, Dora Cobian, Kathleen Corey, Lori Davenport, Edgardo De La torre, Sherry Diaz, Sandra Dominguez, Alisa Dove, Rob Erickson, Tina Fleming, Noel Garabito, Juan Garcia, Laura Gonzales, Nikki Gonzalez, Nathan Gross, Linda Hale, Chris Harris, Tamra Holder, Kathy Kester, Chelsey Kindle, Brooke Lee, Chris Mackey, Pam Mellick, John Campbell Administrative Assistant Team (Sandra Dominguez and Victoria Porter-Catron), Juan Morales, Kim Noyola, Jean Pearson, Victoria Porter-Catron, Rik Rainville, Tracy Ratliff, Veronica Santana, Shyla Scadlock, Tristan Scherzinger, Selah Middle School Custodial Team (Stephanie Hays, Diane Mendez, Melissa Montgomery, Dale Williams, and Matthew Winterfeld), Hayley Shattuck, Ryan Steltz, Travis Sumner, Amanda Sweet, Annette Thompson, Ashley Tovar, Shawna Treat, Alejandro Villafan, Dale Williams, Heather Williams, Janna Withrow, and Ginger Wright-Groenig.

Volunteers:  Mary Davis, Gloria Gonzales, Paul Kauzlarich, Eric Neumeyer, Amy Peters, Jessica Raye, and Angel Soler.

Also, this year the 14 Selah retirees thus far being honored for their Selah service during the Best of the Best Ceremony are:  Susie Au, Roger Bennett, Shelley Cyr, Alisa Dove, John Garcia, Randall Henry, Vicki Hyatt, Rick Main, Michelle McCartney, Penny McGrath, Jace Richardson, Carla Schrenk, Karon Thomas, and Annette Thompson. 

Congratulations 2022-2023 Best of the Best nominees and retirees!