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John Campbell and Selah Intermediate Transportation and Student Release Update

August 30, 2022

Happy first week of school Selah community!  We are excited about beginning what is going to be a great school year!  We are so happy to have our students back at school with us.

We would like to remind parents and other individuals providing school pick-up that students being transported by private vehicle or walking home will not be released until after all buses have left John Campbell Primary or Selah Intermediate School for their routes. It is the District’s goal that all buses have a targeted campus departure time of seven minutes after the end-of-day bell.

Rev. Richard Sedlacek, the Pastor of Lady of Lourdes Church, has given us permission to allow parents/patrons to use their parking lot at 1107 W Fremont as a waiting zone between 2:40-3:30 p.m. on school days.  Cars must be parked within a painted parking spot, with no parking/stopping in either of the two drive/thruways within the lot or other unmarked spaces/spots, or in front of the church rectory/office.  Drivers should adhere to a 5 mph speed limit within the lot.  The District’s effort here is to provide a place where parents can park until buses leave.  

At Selah Intermediate School, there is also the top row of parking along the sidewalk and the diagonal spots.  However, once full, passenger vehicles that arrive at Selah Intermediate prior to the school bus departure time of 3:22 p.m. will be waved off the property to keep traffic flowing and allow buses and other vehicles to travel freely on Fremont Avenue.  We advise waiting until after you see the buses coming down Fremont Avenue at 3:22 p.m. to approach Selah Intermediate School to pick-up your student.  The church (see above) is a great place to wait until you see the buses head down Fremont. 

The District made changes to its building release times this year to reduce the time students were being transported by school bus and to improve public safety in elementary school zones.  Additionally, school buses must be able to complete their route and transition from Selah Intermediate School in a timely manner in order to get back to the Robert Lince Early Learning Center Campus for the next dismissal time of students and boarding of bus riders.  

Access to Selah Intermediate School has always been a challenge.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the start of the new school year. Thank you for allowing school bus traffic to travel to and from Selah Intermediate as efficiently as possible

If you have any questions, please call Selah School District Transportation (509-698-8330). Thank you as we work together for Selah students.