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Let's Welcome New Viking Staff!

Over 75 New Selah Staff Hired

The new faces on our campuses means it has been a busy hiring season—over 75 new hires to be exact.  As of press time here are the new faces joining our Viking Team:

Robert Lince Early Learning Center:  Erika Aguilera-Flemming, Irma Alcala, Donna Black, Laura Button, Lacey Carter, Andre Cavazos, Shelby Clements, Elizabeth Davis, Anayeli Garcia Gomez, Teresa Hernandez, Chelsey Kindle, Jocelyn Lea, Tiffany Miller, Maria Rojas, Quinn Schrindel, and Ashley Tovar. 

John Campbell Primary: Ruth Barajas, Haley Caudle, Sandra Dominguez, Charissa Larson, Guadalupe Ortiz Mendez, Rosa Rios, Bailey Treat, and Elizabeth Verduzco. 

Selah Intermediate School:  Norma Barrera, Allisa Blanton, Amanda Boyer, Jared Brink, Johnathon Hendren, Trina Hovsepian, John Myers, Mellissa Ortiz, Brenna Peterson, Shyla Scadloc, Jacqlyn Scoggin, and Olena Spicer. 

Selah Middle School: Jacque Bettis, Hannah Coachman, Cecilia Goritsas, Joselin Guerrero, Araceli Joaquin Juarez, Bradley Johnson, Heidi Moultray, Caitlyn Nation, Terri Okelberry, and Debra Simmons. 

Selah High School:  Cydney Bacon, Abbigail Blakney, Mary Blue, Alayna Carpenter, Hunter Foster, Nicole Garza, Brandon Gillespie, Marlene Gonzalez, Kevin Madson, Kimberly Mendoza, Gerardo Montes De Oca, Elizabeth Pereira, Jamie Raphoon, Lane Roberts, Amber Rodriguez, Morgan Rodriguez, Veronica Santana, Courtney Schrader, and Eric Steen. 

District Office:  Kristi Irion, Alicia Jacob, Elyssa Osborn, and Heather Williams. 

Nutrition:  Christian McCleary, and Julie Stanley. 

Transportation:  Dan Leitch. 

Please help us welcome our new staff to our Viking Team!

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