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Community, Collaboration and Connections!

Selah High School Students team with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife

When staff from local Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife began looking for contractors to replace their aging trail and location signs, they found themselves without an affordable partnership. Fortunately for them, Geoff Anderson, an Engineering and Manufacturing teacher at Selah High School, is always on the lookout for community connections for his students. By connecting with former students, community members, and by word of mouth, Washington Fish and Wildlife began discussions with Anderson about designing and creating new signs for the L.T. Murray Wildlife Area. After careful discussion with his class about the value of service to the community, Anderson’s Manufacturing: Woodworking II class partnered with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

This project was definitely a hands-on experience for students.  Utilizing a large format CNC machine, students used their math skills and problem solved how to create signs that were not only attractive when installed, but also great looking in the future. The team settled on cedar wood with white lettering for premium visibility purposes. 

While the assignment was a laborious process, it definitely was a labor of love. Students worked for weeks on the project and finished with amazing results. However, Anderson recognized that doing the work was not enough for his students and he sought to have them see the end result of their dedicated work. In doing so, the students were able to travel to the L.T. Murray site to install the signs, gather information about potential careers, and learn more about the wildlife area. 

“Geoff believes in community and creating great experiences for students,” says Jeff Cochran, Director of Future Learning in Selah. “His energy and passion for the students is unparalleled and we’re so fortunate that he found this amazing opportunity for our students.” 

Up next? One day Fish and Wildlife across the State may again be looking for assistance from a group of hard-working students.  It just so happens Anderson and his students are ready to partner and work together again! 

For more information, find Selah High School CTE Program on Facebook or contact Jeff Cochran at or Geoff Anderson at

Geoff Anderson's Selah High School students partnered with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.Selah High School students work to install signs at the L.T. Murray Wildlife Area.The signs created by Geoff Anderson's students for the L.T. Murray Wildlife Area.The finished design!