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Joe Coscarart Honored for Safety

An Eye for Safety—Selah Academy Principal, Joe Coscarart, Honored with Safety Award

Selah Academy and Alternative Programs principal, Joe Coscarart, has always had a close-eye on student and staff safety.  So, as the safety lead for operations at the Robert Lince campus, it is only fitting that Joe has been honored with the Second Annual Sheriff Brian Winter School Safety Award. 

The award was presented by the School Safety Operations and Coordination Center (SSOCC), at ESD 105.  The award recognizes local school employees who exemplify outstanding progress, attitude, and consistency in promoting a safety mindset at their school.  The SSOCC partners with local districts to assist in the training of personnel to create and manage Safe School Plans.  During his time with the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Brian Winter was instrumental in helping initiate the SSOCC and supporting school safety programs in the region. 

Joe’s duties include serving as the safety lead for the various programs at the Robert Lince Campus.  Through his oversight, the staff was the first in the area to initiate the process toward achieving Crisis Response Team certification, and this past year eventually became among the first campuses in the region to complete the certification status.  Additionally, as part of his efforts toward promoting a safety mindset within classrooms, Joe has filmed his own safety video, and assigned it as homework for students. 

In presenting the award, Chris Weedin, the School Safety Project Manager said, "Joe is a strong proponent of safety and an eager partner with SSOCC, quickly and enthusiastically adopting each element of our Safe School Plan.  He is also careful and practical, looking at each element in a thoughtful and professional manner, asking excellent questions, and fine-tuning and adapting to fit current practices…Joe’s true strength is empowerment.  Joe involves his teams at every step from planning to response, and even includes students in appropriate ways."

Congratulations to Joe Coscarart for having a close eye on the safety of Selah students and staff, and earning the Sheriff Brian Winter School Safety Award.

Congratulations to Selah Academy Principal, Joe Coscarart, for receiving the Sheriff Brian Winter School Safety Award. Congratulations to Joe Coscarart.