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Selah Schools Recognized for Making Progress!

Selah Middle School and Selah Academy Online Honored

Coincides with Washington School Recognition Week

The State Legislature has identified this week, April 27-May 1, as Washington School Recognition Week and in Selah we’re celebrating!

With that, during this week, the State Board of Education, the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee (EOGOAC), and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction are honoring state-wide schools as part of the Second Annual State Recognized Schools Award Program.  The recognition honors Washington schools that have received support and are thriving, and highlight positive systems changes that have occurred in their classrooms based on scores from the 2018-2019 school year.
As part of this recognition two Selah School District Schools, Selah Middle School and Selah Academy Online, are being honored for this spring’s edition of recognized schools.

The recognition system notes the top schools in three general areas:  Schools that have performed highly in closing learning gaps for specific student groups and have made systems changes to improve outcomes for all students, schools that have shown high growth in progress from one year to the next, and schools that have demonstrated high achievement in a variety of measures..

In the Selah, Selah Middle School is being recognized for closing gaps for one or more student groups at a targeted support school, while Selah Academy Online is being honored for growth for students identifying as Hispanic.

"Washington schools are inspiring. With these awards we recognize the outstanding efforts of our schools and their positive impact on students,” said Washington State Board of Education Chair, Peter Maier.

Selah School District Superintendent, Shane Backlund said, “Schools play a significant role in our lives as they provide stability and routine to students, families, and the community. The institution of education is a strong and trusted establishment that provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills for life-long learning and success.  We celebrate the efforts of the individuals who work hard on behalf of students and provide influence on their lives.”

Congratulations Selah Middle School. Congratulations Selah Academy Online. Selah Middle School recognized for closing gaps. Selah Academy Online recognized for growth.