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Thank You Selah! Enrichment Levy Passes!

It is another YES for Selah Schools as the District continues to cultivate life-long learners!

Selah patrons once again renewed their commitment to students by voting YES for education and approving the February 12, EnrichmThank you Selah voters for supporting the Enrichment Levy. ent Levy.  The measure is passing at 57.93% 

The Enrichment Levy is a replacement of the current Maintenance and Operations Levy.  With approval, levy dollars will continue to fund programs and learning opportunities for Selah students into the 2021 school year. 

Selah School District Superintendent, Shane Backlund, said he is thankful to the citizens of Selah for once again supporting the District and passing the levy, which provides critical funding for learning.

“I am very appreciative to the citizens of Selah for their continued support of our school district, students, and staff,” said Backlund.  “Over the years, the community has recognized the needs of the District and has overwhelmingly supported our schools.  Selah voters have supported both levy and bond measures, and with the passage of the current levy, patrons have again made Selah’s educational system a priority.”

In Selah, levy dollars will continue to fund programs that the state does not fund or does not fully fund.  Specifically, levy resources fund the three main areas of Student Learning Support, Athletics and Activities, and Technology, which impact student learning.  Levy dollars provide for additional teachers, instructional materials, programs for advanced students, technology support, nursing support, campus safety and security support, and sports and extra-curricular activities to name a few items.  Local levy funds, when combined with an additional $3.1 million per year from the State in Levy Equalization Allocation funding, contribute approximately 12% of the District’s $49 million budget.

Associate Superintendent, Chris Scacco said it was important for the Enrichment Levy to pass in order to maintain funding for programs and materials instrumental to student success.

“I want to thank Selah residents for their ongoing support of our schools and for understanding how important the funding is for Selah students,” said Scacco.  “Levy funding is very valuable to continue educational excellence and the cultivation of Selah students as we prepare them to be life-long learners, and college and career ready.”

Once again, than you Selah for voting YES for education!