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For Selah Students it Adds Up When Meeting Graduation Requirements

December 21, 2018

Core 24 is the Standard Students Must Reach

In the Selah School District, it adds up to 24 in order for students to meet current graduation requirements.  But, in doing the "math," how are Washington State graduation requirements actually met?  It adds up to 24 in order for students to meet current graduation requirements in Washington State.

As Freshmen entered high school this fall, students were met with specific Washington State requirements for graduation.  The State Board of Education's academic vision is of a system that prepares students for college, career, and life. In Washington, that vision entails high school students meeting testing and credit requirements in order to graduate.  

State testing requirements are met when students successfully satisfy assessment standards for English Language Arts, Math, and Science. 

The credit requirement set by the State Board requires students to obtain 24 credits to be Career and College Ready.  This is called Core 24.   The State Board created the 24 credit framework to be both rigorous and flexible.  Core 24 requirements provide students with a strong academic foundation and the flexibility to prepare them for whatever path they choose, whether that is the workforce, an apprenticeship in the trades, or the pursuit of a community or four-year college education.  As part of the Core 24 credit structure students accumulate credits in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Career and Technical Education, Health and Fitness, Arts, World Language and Personalized Pathway requirements.  Also, Core 24 requires students to develop a high school and beyond plan and choose courses which will help them achieve their future goals. 

Students at Selah High School have the opportunity to earn six credits per year in a typical six-period day.  Six credits multiplied by four years gives students the required 24 credits, thus, fulfilling Washington's graduation standards.

What if a Student is Struggling in Class?

Meeting State graduation requirements is an accomplishment.  As high school students work to meet the credit standard, here are some helpful suggestions for parents if their student is struggling in class:

  • Have your student schedule a time to meet with their teacher before school, after school, or during Viking Connections.
  • Be proactive.  Contact your student's teacher to create a plan to help them pass the course.
  • Have your student attend the assessment center located in the library before school or after school to complete missing work.
  • Create a routine outside of school that includes study time without distractions.
  • Utilize online resources like Khan Academy and Newsela.
  • Attend the required student-parent-teacher conferences.
  • Regularly check grades online.
  • Find a tutor.
  • Encourage students for small successes and improvements.

What Opportunities are there for Students to Make-Up Credits?

If a student needs the opportunity to make-up credits, below are retrieval options:

  • Summer School Credit Retrieval
  • Zero Period or 7th Period
  • Summer YV Tech
  • YV Tech Evening Courses
  • YV Tech Skills Center
  • Work Experience
  • Selah Academy

Contact the Selah High School Counseling Department for specific questions regarding your student.

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