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Selah Campuses will be "A Buzz" to Keep Students Safe!

December 21, 2018

Vestibule Security to be Implemented at Selah Campuses

When classes resume in January following Winter Break, Selah campuses will be "a buzz" with the purpose of keeping For the safety of students vestibule systems like the one at Selah Intermediate, will be active at Selah campuses. students safe.

That is because the District is implementing security vestibule systems at the Selah Intermediate, Middle and High School campuses that will require visitors to be granted access, or "buzzed" into the main office so they can enter the building. In the past, doors to access these school offices have been unlocked, but beginning January 7, the buzz-in procedure will be activated. 

Here is how the system will work: 

In the morning as students arrive on campus, all doors at the main school entrance will be unlocked allowing for convenient building access.  However, approximately 10 minutes after the start of school, all exterior doors except for one at the main entrance leading into the security vestibule will be locked.  Once the campus doors are secured, visitors requesting access to the building will be required to utilize a two-way video intercom system, with a buzzer, placed at the office entry.  Once a visitor has buzzed into the intercom system, staff will be alerted that someone is trying to access the school.  Office staff will then communicate with the individual as to their reason for accessing the building, at which point they can remotely unlock the door to allow visitors to proceed through the office into the school.  It is not the intention to prevent visitor access at Selah schools, but the purpose is to increase school safety so staff can monitor who has accessed the building.  During events such as sporting contests and musical performances, visitors will have direct access to the venue.

Funds to implement the vestibules at the intermediate and high schools were derived from remaining resources associated with the 2012 bond.  As the District prepared for how the excess resources would be utilized, it conducted a survey asking for patron input, as well as held a public hearing.  Feedback indicated student safety was a priority. 

John Campbell also has visitor security procedures when entering the school.  Once the kindergarten campus and first and second grade facility are constructed, they, too, will have full vestibule systems.

Thank you for your support as we continue to keep students safe.

Vestibule Protocol Beginning January 7

  • School visitors will proceed to the main entrance of the school and enter the security vestibule located outside of the office doors. 
  • Visitors will press the two-way video intercom button.
  • Once the intercom button is pressed, all phones in the office ring, prompting staff to answer.
  • Upon answering the phone, staff will greet the visitor.
  • If the individual is known to the campus, and is a frequent visitor to the school, office staff may directly buzz them into the building.
  • If staff is unfamiliar with the individual, or is not satisfied why a person requests entry to the building, further questions will be asked as to who the visitor is and the purpose of their school visit.
  • If staff is satisfied as to the reason a person is requesting access to the campus, they can provide access to the school by buzzing them inside.
  • If staff is not satisfied as to why a visitor wants access to the school, the request to enter the building can be denied.
  • If the request to access the building is denied, a school administrator or campus security personnel could evaluate the request further.

 Please remember the vestibule protocol is being implemented for the protection of students and staff.  It is the District's priority to keep students safe!