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    Selah School District Ballot Measure Approved!

    Thank You Selah Voters!


    February 15, 2017

    Voters once again say “yes” to Selah Schools, and the District once more says “thanks!”

    By an overwhelming margin Selah patrons have approved the District’s February 14, ballot measure, the reapportionment of school board director districts.  The measure, which is currently being supported at 75.12% allows for the restructuring of Selah School District Director Districts.  The request was placed before voters in an effort to allow more flexibility for Selah citizens to participate as a member of the school board.

    The director district reorganization, which will take place beginning with the November election, changes the current five district format by reapportioning those districts into three geographic areas plus two at-large positions, meaning Directors could live anywhere in the District boundaries.  There will still be a total of five board positions. 

    According to Selah School District Board President, Kelliann Ergeson, restructuring the board position format to include at-large positions provides more individuals an opportunity and hopefully encourages them to run for a seat.

    Selah Superintendent, Shane Backlund, said that the passage of the measure signifies the trust the Selah community has in its school system.

    “I want to thank voters for approving the reapportionment measure,” said Backlund.  “It is always positive to provide more opportunity for individuals to become involved in our school system and interested in serving as a school board member.  The passage of the measure signifies the trust the community continues to have in what we are achieving in Selah.”