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    Selah School District Hosts ¡La Chispa! Bilingual Workshops

    December 8, 2016Selah High School hosted a ¡La Chispa! Workshop to help bilingual middle school students from around the Yakima Valley.

    In an effort to help bilingual middle school students from around the Yakima Valley build their self-confidence, Selah High School hosted a ¡La Chispa! Regional Workshop.

    ¡La Chispa! Regional Workshops are one-day events designed to teach leadership skills to middle level Latino students. ¡La Chispa! (the Spark) uses both English and Spanish to help students build self-confidence, strengthen their cultural identity and increase academic success.

    The event works as host-schools throughout the state provide 15-20 high school mentors to serve as small group leaders, creating growth opportunities for both middle level mentees and high school mentors. Each high school that hosts a ¡La Chispa! Regional Workshop helps serve between 100-250 middle level Latino students.

    The ¡La Chispa! Bilingual Workshops are delivered by the student leadership program of the Association of Washington School Principals. Since 1956, AWSP has served student leaders across the state. The Association of Washington Student Leaders began its bilingual outreach ten years ago with La Cima (The Summit) high school leadership camp. La Cima piloted a dual language content delivery model used at ¡La Chispa! The goal is to connect Spanish speaking ESL/ELL students to school activities. ¡La Chispa! is facilitated by La Cima staff and conducted in a bilingual and biliterate environment to promote the value of reading, writing and speaking two languages.