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    Maintaining Community Connections!

    It's Back-to-School Time for Selah Chamber Members!


    December 5, 2016


    It was a big welcome for Selah Chamber members as they visited Selah High School. It was back-to-school for Selah Chamber members!

    Focused on maintaining its community connections and partnerships with local businesses, the Selah School District recently hosted the Selah Chamber for lunch and its monthly meeting.

    Going “back-to-school,” Chamber members visited Selah High School.  As part of the event members had the opportunity to listen to principal, Todd Hilberg, discuss the high school’s work in building culture at the campus and listened to him discuss how the school is integrating PBIS at its campus.  Chamber guests also heard athletic director and assistant principal, Colton Monti, recap the victorious Viking fall sports season and the effort that is taking place integrating the three C’s into Selah athletics:  Competition, Community, and Character.  A definite highlight of the afternoon meeting was when Chamber members became students again and participated in the hands-on learning presentation by 21st Century Learning Coordinator, Leah Johnson, who had each individual use the Google Expedition Goggles to embark on a series of virtual field trips.  While using the goggles, the same that Selah students have been donning to enhance their learning, members experienced travels to the Palace of Versailles, explored China, swam underwater with the sharks, and toured the White House during the holidays.

    Thank you to Selah Chamber members for coming back-to-school and visiting our District! 

    Selah Chamber members use the Google goggles to explore.