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3-Year Priority Plan Adopted

At its October 27th Board Meeting, the Selah School District Board of Directors adopted a new set of priorities to help guide the work of the district over the next few school years. The new “3-Year Priority Plan” was created through input from stakeholders during last spring’s Thoughtexchange process, a review of current district achievement data and from collaborative dialogue amongst district leaders. The purpose of the plan is to shine a light on areas of emphasis for the district. It doesn’t encompass all of the district’s work but rather helps place increased attention on items that could have a positive impact on the success of students in Selah.

The new plan includes the following priorities:

Collaboration for Student Learning - People working together in interdependent teams create the best opportunity for students to learn. This is true not only for teachers, but for all staff throughout the district. A collaborative culture has been an emphasis of the district for several years; its continued importance is essential to the success of students and the professional development of staff.

Environments for Success - Within every building and program in the district, the hope is to cultivate environments where students and adults can grow. This means making it a point to focus on items such as proactive behavior measures, student attendance and staff morale to help create the best climate possible.

Closing the Achievement Gap - Eliminating gaps in achievement among students based on race, language, economic status and disability ensures that the district’s core purpose is realized. The demographics in Selah are continually changing and working to ensure equity of opportunity, access, services, programs and resources can help every student reach their full potential.

Readiness for Early Learners - The pre-k through 3rd grade years are essential to a child’s development and ensuring early readiness is the best proactive measure we can take to assure our students succeed. This includes reaching into the community to support child development before students enroll in school as well as strengthening programs within the district that focus on the early learner. Along with the plan comes a set of annual strategies and items used to measure success. These will be used to help leaders operationalize the work within individual buildings and departments. Posters showing the priorities will be available in the weeks ahead to be displayed in classrooms throughout the district.

If you have questions about the priorities please contact Superintendent Shane Backlund at

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