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SHS Students in the Saddle Again as they Ride into State Competition!

Selah High School athletes are back in the saddle again as they rode into the recent State Washington High School Equestrian Team (WAHSET) Meet.

Selah WAHSET athletes’ partner with the West Valley School District to compete. Selah members include Natalie Barnett, Kayli Collins, Brandon Gossett, Shelby Gossett, Delilah Haller, Morgan Herrud, Lille Newkirk, Kylie Robbins and Morgan Volland. WAHSET is comprised of seven districts, with our local district being #5 and also includes Columbia/Burbank, West Valley, College Place, Goldendale, Prosser, Medical Lake, and Touchet.

Before galloping into the State event, Selah riders had a showing of success this spring. At the recent district competition Selah competitors recognized in the winner’s circle included:

  • Earning silver and bronze in the competition category of Driving, Shelby Gossett and Brandon Gossett;
  • Receiving bronze honors in the Working Pairs event, Natalee Barnett;
  • capturing silver and bronze in the Reining category, Natalee Barnett and Delilah Haller;
  • Earning silver and bronze in the event of Working Rancher, Natalee Barnett and Delilah Haller;
  • Collecting gold and bronze honors in the In Hand Trail event, Shelby Gossett and Natalee Barnett;
  • Receiving gold in the category of In Hand Obstacle Relay, Shelby Gossett and Natalee Barnett;
  • Capturing gold honors in Team Versatility, Shelby Gossett and Natalee Barnett;
  • Recognized as the state qualifying team for the Team Versativity event, Delilah Haller;
  • Receiving gold in the Freestyle 4s Drill event, Natalee Barnett;
  • Honored for Team Cattle Sorting, gold status was awarded to Brandon Gossett & Shelby Gossett, silver status to Kayli Collins, and bronze recognition to Delilah Haller;
  • Qualifying for State in the Figure 8 event, Natalee Barnett;
  • In the Two Man Birangle category, gold honors were received by Delilah Haller and silver recognition to Natalee Barnett;
  • In the category of Individual Flags, gold was received by Delilah Haller; capturing gold in Canadian Flags were Delilah Haller and Natalee Barnett;
  • Lille Newkirk and Kayli Collins were a state qualifying team in Canadian Flags.

Additionally, the following Selah athletes earned special District #5 recognitions: High Point Rookie of the Year, Delilah Haller; High Point Individual Versatility Rider, Delilah Haller; and, Top Team Contributor, Natalee Barnett.

Congratulations to Selah’s WAHSET competitors!