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Pens and Poetry: SMS Students Recognized for their Writing Skills!

Selah Middle School Students in Kelly Mattson’s English Language Arts class have been honored this year for penning for patriots and making a pledge to Veterans, as well as perfecting their poetry skills.

Congratulations to a quartet of Selah Middle School students who showcased their writing abilities as they were honored earlier this winter for their work using a Patriot’s Pen.  Seventh graders, Channing Rogers, Jason Santos, Levi Morales and Owen London, earned the top four spots in the VFW sponsored contest Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest at the local level.  Following the 2022-2023 contest theme, My Pledge to Our Veterans, the Selah students showcased their writing skills as Rogers and Santos both earned first place competition honors, Morales received second place recognition, and London garnered third place honors.

The Patriot’s Pen contest is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students and provides participants an opportunity to write essays expressing their views on a patriotic theme.  Nationwide, over 84,000 students participated in the preliminary rounds.

Congratulations to Channing Rogers, Jason Santos, Levi Morales and Owen London as they penned for patriots during the VFW’s pledge to Veterans essay contest!

In addition to perfecting their essay skills, Mattson’s classes of seventh grade learners have also been writing a lot of poetry this year and 27 students qualified as semi-finalists in a nationwide poetry contest.   

Congratulations seventh grade students for your writing and poetry achievements! 

Channing RogersJason SantosLevi MoralesOwen London