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FCCLA Student Projects Impact Selah Learners!

Selah Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members, in partnership with Selah High School’s Early Childhood/K-12 Education pathway, have been putting in the hours to educate some of our youngest Viking learners over the past few months.  Students have taken the initiative of developing and presenting lessons to elementary school students on a variety of topics.  Here are some highlights from their work:

Allergy Lessons: Genavieve Gamache, Makenna Heinle and Clare Richards, all freshmen at Selah High School, set a goal to teach students lessons on food allergy information.  The girls not only created lessons for younger learners at Selah Intermediate School but also taught students, including some older than them, at Selah High School.  While providing instruction for intermediate school classes, Genavieve, Makenna and Clare taught students about the importance of being a good friend to classmates with food allergies.  Students learned the basics of allergies and how to be more inclusive of their peers.  While providing instruction to students at the high school, the trio taught a lesson in Child Health Safety and Nutrition classes about how to be a care provider to children that have food allergies.  They also taught students about how allergies work and how to read food labels to check for allergens.

Selah FCCLA students Genavieve Gamache, MaKenna Heinle and Clare Richards teach students about allergies.

Recycling Lessons: Rosie Pandit, a freshman at Selah High School, made it her environmental mission to teach John Campbell Primary students about the importance of recycling.  As part of her presentation, she developed a lesson on why everybody should strive to recycle, taught about the impact of recycling on our environment, and explained what materials go into the recycling bin instead of the garbage can. She also used her creativity to design a “Picky Monster,” that she allowed the students to “feed,” but it would only eat recyclable materials.  Lastly, Rosie sent all students home with a homework assignment to teach their parents about the importance of recycling and challenged families to work on recycling habits over winter break.

Rosie Pandit teaches John Campbell students about the importance of recycling.John Campbell students play a recycling Bingo game.

Parent Engagement Nights: As part of their Careers in Education class, Addison Ladd, Ashlyn Knox and Sarah Tamblyn participated in three parent engagement events hosted by the District.  First, the trio participated in the Robert Lince Early Learning Center’s Annual Read & Treat Night, creating interactive read aloud sessions for children in which they rotated reading stations.  Next, for a second Early Learning Center parent night event, they designed a Watermelon Math activity aligned with the Kindergarten Essential Standards.  Lastly, they participated in Selah Intermediate School’s Polar Express Night, punching tickets and helping spread holiday cheer.

Selah High School students lead sessions during an Early Learning parent night.Career in Education students lead a reading session during the Early Learning Center Read and Treat Night.

Gratitude Lessons: Aiyana Bauer, a senior at Selah High School, is considering a career as an elementary school teacher and wanted to gain insight into her desired grade level to ensure the fit was right for her.  As part of this work, Aiyana designed a series of three lessons focused on Social Emotional Learning and related to the concept of gratitude.  Putting her lessons to the test, Aiyana then visited a fourth-grade classroom to teach students about the concept of gratitude by having them identify things and people for whom they were grateful for, and designing “Thankfulness Turkeys” to take home and share with their families.  Lastly, Aiyana challenged students to create a gratitude letter for the support staff at Selah Intermediate School.

Aiyana Bauer works with students at Selah Intermediate School.Fourth grade students work on a lesson in gratitude that Aiyana Bauer created.Aiyana Bauer works with a Selah Intermediate School student.

FCCLA is a Career and Technical Student Organization that focuses on equipping students with real-world skills through Family and Consumer Sciences Education by preparing for careers through four Career Pathways: Human Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training and Visual Arts and Design. FCCLA members will strengthen their skills, forge friendships, and make a positive difference in today’s world through participation in competitive events, serving in leadership positions, attending conferences across the nation, networking with youth leaders, and attaining essential college-and career-ready skills. FCCLA is advised at Selah High School by Shari Brink and Maggie Uceny.

Selah High School is extremely proud of these FCCLA students for pursuing their passion and for educating our younger Vikings!