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RLELC Students Celebrate Art in the Making!

Robert Lince students celebrated art in the making as they recently received a special visit from Peter Reiquam, who designed the school’s recent “Fruit Crates for Kids—Cajas de Frutas para Niños” sculpture outside of the main entrance of the building. 

The sculpture was made possible because when Washington State contributes to the construction of a new building, in Selah’s case, a new school, some of the funds are reserved for artwork. 

In creating the kindergarten's piece of art, Reiquam, an ArtsWa artist, wanted the design to represent the bountiful harvest grown and processed in Selah and the Yakima Valley.  In his sculpture, Reiquam used popular colors, fruits and terms identifiable to young students and crafted the artwork in both English and Spanish, reflecting the dual language mission of Lince Kindergarten. During their visit with Reiquam, students saw first-hand the work of art in education, as well as learned about the design process, were able to ask questions about the sculpture, and shared thank-you notes and compliments. 

The Robert Lince sculpture joins the state’s vast art collection, which is now over 5,000 pieces.  

The Robert Lince art sculpture outside of the school designed by artist Peter Reiquam from ArtsWa.Peter Reiquam, an ArtwWA artist visited with students to explain his sculpture "Fruit Crates for Kids."Students interact with visiting artist, Peter Reiquam.