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School Board Welcomes New Student Representatives

Four Students Selected to Serve the Board

Four Selah High School students are ready to serve as they have been selected as the new student representatives on the Selah School District Board of Directors.

Selah High School seniors, Leilani Diaz and Natalie Keller and juniors, Indiana Hilmes and Elise Ozanich, have been selected as the new representatives on the Board’s panel.   

In addition to their school and community involvement in a variety of activities, each new student representative has a specific reason why they want to serve the Board.

Regarding her service to the Board, Leilani Diaz says she would love to be a voice for not only Selah High School, but also for people of different races.  Leilani would like to make school a more diverse place where everyone is welcome to share their heritage.  Additionally, Leilani would like to express a different perspective on issues and advocate for how different viewpoints affect everyone.  

In her role on the Board, Natalie Keller wants to be a presence who helps the District make informed decisions that are beneficial to students, staff, and the community. Natalie sees her service to the Board as a valuable opportunity to involve herself, imprive her leadership and communication skills, while advocating for her peers and fellow students. 

While serving the Board, Indiana Hilmes hopes to advocate for and bring the voices and experiences of those who have very different backgrounds and very different lives.  Also, Indiana hopes to help promote a solid feedback loop that involves our elected leaders along with the very students that are impacted by policy.  Indiana says standing up for what is right and making positive improvements is a passion of hers and she is proud to be a problem-solver and an idea-sharer and hopes to share this with the Board.

Elise Ozanich says she would like to serve as a student board representative to gain insight into all facets of education, which would benefit her career path following high school.  Additionally, Elise would also like to gain insight into why certain decisions are made so she can help her fellow classmates understand.  Elise also wants to assist the Board and administration in better understanding the needs of students, from a student’s point of view.

The role of the high school representatives is to provide student insight and perspective to the Board of Directors and District administration.  While student representatives do not vote on issues, or help decide policy, they are a valuable liaison between the Board and the student body.  Student representatives began serving on the Selah School Board in 2010.

Welcome School Board Representatives, Leilani Diaz, Natalie Keller, Indiana Hilmes, and Elise Ozanich.

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