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SIS Student has the "Sprite" Idea!

Maggy Singletary, a fifth-grade student at Selah Intermediate School, has the “Sprite” idea as she recently won the elementary sprite art contest with TechSmart for coding artists in third through fifth grades. What this recognition means is any student in the country that uses the TechSmart learning platform will be able to access the art vault and program/code with Maggy’s creative Donut Cat sprite. Sprite art is a type of two-dimensional bitmap graphic or animation created using coding. Maggy completed the design in David Weiss’ class which focuses on helping students acquire 21st Century Learning proficiencies including technology, computer science, and coding skills. By participating in 21st Century Learning opportunities, students begin to discover career pathways, perform critical, analytical, and creative thinking and stay engaged in order to make use of their knowledge in the real world. 

It’s a great job by Selah Intermediate fifth grade student, Maggy Singletary, who recently had a “sprite” idea and was recognized for her coding artwork. 

Maggie Singletary created award winning sprite artwork.