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SIS Students Help School Receive EarthGen Recognition

Working for the Earth, Jamie Newell’s fourth grade class and Marie Smith’s fifth grade students' recent recycling project has helped Selah Intermediate receive the special designation of being certified as an EarthGen School. 

Certified in the category of Waste and Recycling, the students’ efforts have helped make the campus healthier and more sustainable. EarthGen challenges youth to use their project platform to foster a healthy environment, where they also gain the skills and experience to become leaders for climate solutions. 

As part of their Selah Intermediate EarthGen work, students created a school-wide campaign to recycle plastic bags, as well as initiated a shared table for nonperishable foods. After pitching the idea to principal, Joe Starr, students then visited each class to familiarize their schoolmates with the campaign’s purpose. Once the campaign was active, each morning, students would make their school rounds to collect the plastic and food. The bags have been recycled or donated to teachers requesting them for use, and non-perishable food tables have been setup in each hallway and cafeteria where students can grab a snack during recess or at the end of the school day. 

Thank-you to students in Jamie Newell’s and Marie Smith’s classes for their work in helping Selah Intermediate be certified as an EarthGen School!

Students in Jamie Newell's class at Selah Intermediate help the school receive EarthGen recognition.Thank you to Marie Smith's students for their work in helping Selah Intermediate receive EarthGen recognition.