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Selah Students Open Doors at G.E.D. Achievement Ceremony!

It’s graduation season and in the first commencement celebration of the spring, Selah students opened doors during the first high school cap and gown ceremony. 

As part of the inaugural G.E.D. Achievement Ceremony that was held for the graduates of the Open Doors 105 program in May, 22 Selah students received their completion certificate of high school equivalency.  In total, during the hour-long celebration, 34 individuals in the initial program from the classes of 2020 and 202 were honored.  As part of the ceremony, ESD 105 Superintendent Kevin Chase told the group that the ceremony was "the most important" of the 19 times he has spoken to an assembly of graduates throughout his career.

For Selah the honorees included Scott Baumbach-Lovette, Aharon Bernal, Jacob Biggers, Haley Bradley, Wyatt Bradley, Jose Bustos, Matt Carr, Elias Chavez, Tyler Clark, Jacob Delmar, Jazzmine Keller, Alssya Lake, Azlin Lanham, Michael Link, Krsna Martinez Franco, Dylan Maxson, Claudia Meza, James Moore, Wesley Rushing, Colton Shook, Paige Weldon and Zeria Wilks.

Open Doors 105 has served 129 young people since the program started in the fall of 2019, and currently has an enrollment of 82 students who are working to complete their G.E.D.

Congratulations students!

Selah students participate in the G.E.D. Achievement Ceremony.Congratulations Selah students!Congratulations students!

Congratulations students!