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SMS Trio Earn Second Place Honors at National FCCLA Convention!

As we flashback again to summer and student accomplishments, congratulations to a trio of Selah Middle School students who definitely had their plate full—and it was full of gold medals and a second place finish at the national Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) convention!  

Congratulations to the team of Gigi Gamache, Makenna Heinle, and Clare Richards, who, in receiving their second place national finish, also earned the bragging rights of having a top national score, including the highest score for all of the State of Washington, for all projects and all age groups.  This feat is even more impressive considering the group was competing as sixth graders at the time.    

For their project, which first progressed through the regional and state levels, the team worked with kindergarten students in Rhonda Gonzales’ classroom at John Campbell Primary to introduce the importance of good nutritional habits.  Their work began as the trio researched and implemented lessons from the Discover MyPlate curriculum supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, in order to present to the kindergarten learners.  Discover MyPlate is a fun and inquiry-based nutrition education program that fosters the development of healthy food choices and a physical active lifestyle during a critical development and learning period for kindergarten students.

In a series of activities, the student teachers used best teaching practices to present interactive lessons.  As the young teachers planned and implemented their nutrition-focused lessons, each activity began with a learning target, and included a review of the previous assignments taught.  Also, each activity concluded with an evaluation of the lesson.  In their role as teachers, the trio asked engaging questions of their students and provided positive feedback to their participation.  Through a series of MyPlate lessons, students were introduced to the five food groups, the importance of eating foods from each group, and the value of eating fruits and vegetables of every color.  Also, the kindergarten students learned how fruits and vegetables grow from seeds and how healthy eating utilizes all five senses.  As part of studying about nutritious food choices students also learned about staying healthy which included the demonstration of washing hands before preparing and eating food and the importance of experiencing the fun of being physically active.  Further, during components of each lesson as students demonstrated their food smarts they also utilized their academic skills by practicing their counting, underlining power words within each assignment, reading their mini books and writing with their older mentors’ guidance. 

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is a national student leadership organization that promotes community service.  The Selah Middle School FCCLA Chapter is advised by teacher, Heather Fendell. 

A trio of Selah Middle School students definitely had their plate full this past summer, and it was full of gold medals and a second place finish at the national FCCLA convention.   

To watch more about the girls' project, please access here

Congratulations to the trio of Selah Middle School students for their second place finish at the National FCCLA Convention. Congratulations Makenna Heinle, Gigi Gamache, and Clare Richards.