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Selah Students Recognized for Journalism Work

Natalie Keller Honored as Reporter of the Year and Photographer of the Year During Her Freshman Journalism Campaign

Even though the new school year has begun, we still have some summer bragging to do as a quartet of Selah High School students used to reporting on the news made thCongratulations to Natalie Keller for being named the Unleashed Reporter and Photographer of the Year. e headlines for their work as members of the Yakima Herald Republic’s Unleashed Team.  Selah’s featured newsmakers included Natalie KellerAnna ErgesonRegan Hutchinson, and Mary-Frances Ballew

Keller, a current Selah High School sophomore, was honored as the program’s Reporter of the Year for her work during 2019-2020.  In earning the prestigious honor, Keller, then a freshman and first year member of Unleashed, produced the overall highest quality of written work among the teen news staff.  Keller’s selection was the first time in the program’s history that the Reporter of the Year award was presented to a ninth grade student.  Among Keller’s other Unleashed honors for the past year, she was also the first freshman to receive Photographer of the Year by submitting the best quality and highest quantity of photographs within the program.  This is also the first time in the program’s history that a student won both the Reporter of the Year and Photographer of the Year honors.  Additionally, Keller was recognized as Rookie of the YearMost ContributionsBest Personality FeatureBest Team Coverage and Best Sports StoryBest Movie Review and Best Business Story.

In addition to Keller, Ergeson, Hutchinson, and Ballew also earned Unleashed journalism awards.

Ergeson, a senior last year was honored with multiple awards including, 4-Year Senior Award, recognizing her active participation in Unleashed throughout all her years of high school, Longest Publishing StreakBest ColumnBest Team Coverage and Best Sports StoryBest Book ReviewBest Staff Bio, and Team Leadership Award.

Hutchinson, also a 2020 Selah High School graduate and two-year Unleashed member received the Staff Choice Award for Favorite Illustration, and Year’s Best Illustration Runner-Up

Ballew, a current senior, earned Best News Photo, for her photograph of youth chalk activity occurring at Selah Middle School this past June that also appeared in her article titled Chalk Art Gathering in Selah Demonstrates Small Town’s Values.    

The Herald’s teen journalism program is supported through a co-op administered by ESD 105 involving students from the region’s schools.

Congratulations Unleashed students for headlining the story!

Anna Ergeson Regan Hutchinson Mary-Frances Ballew