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Congratulations Selah Academy Graduates

Congratulations to the Selah Academy Graduating Class of 2020!

The 2020 graduating class from Selah Academy Online and Big Picture Learning celebrated success as 13 students earned diplomas in June.  Honored students included those who graduated from Selah Academy or those who attended classes at both the Academy and Selah High School.  Graduates included seniors in the Class of 2020, students who met credit standards during the year, and those who met requirements within the weeks following the end of school. Congratulations to:  Margarita Cheban, Andrew Hamilton, Kayla Henson, Payton Knauer, Rachel Lyons, Dennis Matt, Jazzlynn McGrew, Erin (Gates) North, Samantha Ray, Isis Rodriguez, Stetson Tippett, Natalia Velazquez, and Orion Wheeler.


 Margarita Cheban Andrew Hamilton Kayla Henson Payton Knauer Rachel Lyons Dennis Matt Jazzlynn McGrew Erin (Gates) North Samantha Ray Isis Rodriguez Stetson Tippett Natalia Velazquez Orion Wheeler

A Look at the Scrapbook...Selah Academy and Big Picture Learning Graduation Snapshots

For Selah Academy and Big Picture Learning students it was all pomp and circumstance as social distance could not separate them from their high school accomplishment.  Concluding the 2019-2020 school year, graduates donned their blue and gold cap and gowns or chose special attire and were celebrated by Academy staff who conducted personalized commencement ceremonies, which included delivering students their diplomas and graduation gift bags.  Congratulations all Selah Academy graduates!

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