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The New "Big Dog" on the Selah Middle School Campus

Selah Middle School is welcoming its newest boy to campus….Roy!

Roy Thomas is now the “Big Dog” on campus, as he will serve as the school’s new therapy dog.  His “official” job descriptiRoy enjoys spending time with his new friends at Selah Middle School. on has Roy bringing smiles, comfort and love to Selah Middle School students, staff, and visitors.  Gauging by the smile on his face, Roy is adjusting to his new role, which he has now held for the past couple of weeks.  Roy, a six-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, loves to hug everyone, enjoys his new friends at school, and is used to the “spotlight” as he has been a Top Twenty in his breed.  Roy, is a cousin of Benny, the school’s beloved unofficial mascot and first therapy dog for six years.  When not making his rounds at Selah Middle School, Roy resides with Karon Thomas, a security monitor at the campus.

Let’s help Selah Middle School welcome its newest “Big Dog” to campus….Roy!