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Having Her Voice Heard!

Selah High School Freshman, Natalie Keller, Advances to State Voice of Democracy CompetitionCongratulations to Natalie Keller who is advancing to the "Voice of Democracy" State Competition.

Selah High School freshmen, Natalie Keller, is performing her articulation exercises and practicing her annunciation skills as she prepares to have her voice heard at the Voice of Democracy State Competition in January.  At the State event, high school students will be competing to advance to the national competition in Washington D.C.

Keller advances to the state competition after earning first place honors in both the Area and District level Voice of Democracy contests.  As part of the initial competition, Keller, wrote and delivered a five-minute patriotic speech centered on this year’s theme of What Makes America Great.  In subsequent competitions, Keller has been delivering her speech.  In advancing to the State contest, Keller received a scholarship and her name has been engraved on a traveling trophy.    

Congratulations Natalie Keller!  Keep performing your articulation exercised and practicing your annunciation skills as you prepare to have your voice heard at the State Voice of Democracy competition.