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CTE Classes Provide "Hands-On" Experience for Students!


As the first weeks of classes are “in the books,” Selah High School students are gaining valuable hands-on learning experiences through Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs at the campus.

In Washington State, CTE Programs are aligned with rigorous industry and academic standards. Career and Technical Education promotes and supports locally-based middle and high school programs that provide 21st Century, academic and technical skills for all students, where everyone benefits. In Washington, every district offers CTE-career exploration services, class offerings and participation in student leadership organizations. Here is a look at what is happening in Selah:

At Selah High School during the first month of this new year, students have had the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals. Some students are benefiting from participating in a TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) Computer Science course. Over the summer, teacher, Geoff Anderson, collaborated with individuals from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to create a course that provides students the skills utilized in the industry today.

In other CTE happenings, Kasey Benjamin has been working with his THOR students on business related skills.  In this class, students learn how to run a business—a hands-on experience where the skills they acquire will benefit them after graduation.  In addition, health class students have been self-assessing their aptitude in multiple categories and calculating their fitness levels. Students can articulate where their placement is in a "fitness" category, as compared to a "self-awareness" category.

In Brad Watkins’ Agriculture and Engineering class, students have used their creative skills, an engineering process, learned through this class, and teamwork to move "toxic" beans from one can to another without spilling or moving them too far. Students were provided a task, tools, and each other to solve a unique issue where they were to solve a challenge by "thinking outside of the box.” Also, students in Courtney Peart’s Advanced Sports Medicine class have benefited from a partnership with the Selah Fire Department. Students have received hands-one applicable learning as they have learned the correct process of spine board technique. 

Just a look at how hands-on learning is benefiting Selah students!

Selah High School students are gaining hands on experience in their TEALS Computer Science Course. Students prepare their skills to work in the Thor Store.

Students work in their CTE Agriculture and Engineering to solve challenges while "thinking outside the box." Sports medicine students team with the Selah Fire Department to learn the correct spine board techniques.

CTE students are learning how to calculate their fitness levels.