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Selah High School Students Headline the Story!

Unleashed Students Recognized for their Journalism Work

A quartet of Selah High School students used to reporting on the news are now headlining the story as they have been honored this summer for their journalism work as members of the Yakima Herald Republic’s Unleashed team.

Making the news, Anna Ergeson, Mary Frances Ballew, Regan Hutchinson, and Keegan Hull, Selah's Unleashed representatives, were honored during the program’s summer presentation of student awards for their reporting and illustrative contributions. The awards are selected by the Unleashed Program Coordinator and ESD 105 Public Information Officer, and the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Anna Ergeson, a junior and third year member of the Unleashed team, received honors in two writing categories representing Best Book Review and Best Humor Writing. In her book review, Ergeson comprised short recommendations of books for elementary school, middle school, and high school readers to keep them occupied during the summer months. In earning her honor for humor writing, Ergeson’s article titled Losing Drive for the Joy of Snow humorously and creatively recounted this past winter—her first as a new driver.

First year Unleashed reporter, Mary Frances Ballew, earned two awards, the Rookie of the Year Runner-Up honor and the Best Travel Story. In earning the runner-up award for Rookie of the Year, Ballew, a junior, was recognized for the strong quality and high quantity of her articles, as well as her helpful and active participation in Unleashed program activities. Also, Ballew earned the Best Travel Story award where her article, Sixty-Second Goodbye: West Point’s Reception Day an Opportunity to Reflect highlighted her experience when dropping off her older sister at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York last summer.

Regan Hutchinson, also a junior, received honors in five categories that highlighted both her illustration and reporting skills. Telling her stories through her drawings, Hutchinson, a first year Unleashed member, was recognized with the Illustrator of the Year honor for producing the overall most outstanding story illustrations during the school year. Since September, Hutchinson created eight story or editorial page illustrations for the Unleashed section. Additionally, Hutchinson earned the award for Year's Best Illustration. Switching talents to showcase her reporting skills, Hutchinson was honored with the Year’s Best Story award for Hammering it Home: Selah High School’s Thor’s Network Gives Students First-Hand Experience in Broadcasting. This feature provided an in-depth look at the school’s broadcasting program and the skills students acquired. Hutchinson was also recognized with the Best School Feature honor for her work on the Hammering it Home article. Additionally, Hutchinson teamed with student reporters from Davis, Eisenhower and West Valley High Schools, where they earned the award for Best Team Coverage as part of their spotlight about vaping.

Also a newcomer to the Unleashed team, sophomore, Keegan Hull, earned three award recognitions. Hull was honored as Reviewer of the Year, for his consistently insightful and entertaining media reviews of music, television and personalities. Separately, Hull also earned the award for Best Music Review, in an article titled Star-Heavy Slate, which highlighted his analysis and picks of three 2019 Grammy categories. Additionally, Hull received honors for his photography skills and earned Best Scenic Photo recognition.

In addition to their individual honors, Ergeson, Ballew, Hutchinson, and Hull, earned the Superstar School Award. This honor was presented to the quartet for their collective high-achieving excellence in writing, photography, illustration and production level during the past year. This is the third consecutive year that the Superstar School Award has been presented to membership representing Selah High School.

The Herald’s teen journalism program is supported through a co-op administered by ESD 105 involving students from the region’s schools.

Congratulations Unleashed students for headlining the story!

Anna Ergeson Mary Frances Ballew Regan Hutchinson Keegan Hull The Selah High School "Unleashed" Team