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Selah Students Dare to Dream!

Selah Students Selected to Attend Program at UW

Twelve students who will all be enrolled at Selah High School next year, dare to dream as they have been selected to attend summer academies at the University of Washington (UW) from June 25-July 1.

Edgar Aguirre, Ricardo Garcia, Maria Garcia-Garcia, Mariana Godinez Sandoval, Jimmy Obispo, Diego Figueroa, Carlos Garcia, Kimberly Velasco, Melvin Olvera-Gomez, Yeimy Santana Santana, Miguel Garcia, and Karely Godinez Sandoval, have been selected to attend the weeklong Dare to Dream Academies established by the Washington State Migrant Education Program in conjunction with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The Dare to Dream Program provides students  in eighth through twelfth grades with a glimpse into college life, allowing them to experience first-hand what possibilities are available to them when it comes to achieving a higher education.  The purpose of the academies is to inspire students to perform well in high school while simultaneously creating a plan for their futures beyond.  While attending the academies students have the opportunity interact with university professors in hands-on activities, participate in leadership and academic programs that promote learning, and take part in social and recreational activities. 

Aguirre, R. Garcia, M. Garcia-Garcia, M. Godinez Sandoval, and Obispo will attend the all-purpose Dare to Dream Academy, which focuses on leadership and the student’s trajectory throughout high school and beyond.  Participants will engage in team building activities, learn about graduation requirements and offerings, explore careers and develop a personal statement to use for scholarships, jobs, internships and college applications. 

Gigueroa, C. Garcia and Velasco have been selected to attend the Health Academy at the UW.   In the Health Professionals Academy participants dare to dream by gaining access to the UW’s world-class hospital while learning about various professions within the health care field such as nursing, laboratory sciences, pharmacy, social work and more. 

Olvera-Gomez, Santana Santana, M. Garcia and K. Godinez Sandoval were chosen to attend one of the Academic Academies at the UW.  As part of these academies, students will explore the world of math or science.  As part of their itinerary, students will visit the University’s math and science programs, strengthen their current math and science knowledge and learn about math and science careers and job opportunities.

Twelve Selah students will definitely have a fulfilling summer as they dare to dream.  

Edgar Aguirre   Ricardo Garcia Maria Garcia-Garcia Mariana Godinez Sandoval Jimmy Obispo Diego Figueroa Carlos Garcia Kimberly Velasco Melvin Olvera-Gomez Yeimy Santana Santana Miguel Garcia Karely Godinez