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The Selah School District Announces its Best!

Congratulations to Kelly Mattson, Sherry Raymond and Laura Perez. The Selah School District is definitely bragging about its best!

During an evening ceremony, the Selah School District announced its Viking Way:  Best of the Best recipients for the 2018-2019 school year.  With that, the District honored its Certificated Employee of the Year, Classified Employee of the Year, and Organization/Volunteer of the Year.

During the Viking Way: Best of the Best Ceremony, Kelly Mattson was honored as Certificated Employee of the Year, Laura Perez was recognized as Classified Employee of the Year, and Sherry Raymond was awarded Volunteer of the Year.

As Certificated Employee of the Year, Mattson is an English Language Arts teacher at Selah Middle School.  In addition to teaching his students composition, literature and grammar skills, Mattson uses a variety of creative resources like hosting poetry slams to “hook” his learners, ensuring they receive a meaningful educational experience.  Mattson’s nomination included that he “treats every single one of his students like one of his own children and strives to find each of their potentials.”  In addition to his teaching duties, Mattson also serves as Selah High School’s Cross-Country and Track Coaches where he “molds his family-based squads into teams of athletic achievement, which provide meaningful community service contributions in Selah.” 

As Classified Employee of the Year, Laura Perez works at John Campbell Primary School where she serves as a para-educator in the bilingual program, supporting students in their reading and writing development.  With an ever-ready smile, Perez is an advocate for students and their families and always willing to provide support to help them with their educational needs.  Also, this year Perez donated her break time to teach students the traditional dance called “La Raspa” so they could participate in the schools’ annual Day of the Dead celebration, an important tradition in the Mexican culture.

Honored as Volunteer of the Year is Sherry Raymond, the owner of King’s Row and also Selah’s mayor.  Raymond is very involved with Selah students and schools and is always willing to participate and contribute to District events.  As a Selah business owner and mayor, Raymond’s partnership with the schools helps ensure students are citizens providing meaningful contributions to the community.

Additionally, Viking Way Best of the Best Category Award winners included: 

Outstanding Administrator: Susan Petterson; Outstanding Certificated Staff: Stacey Beasley, Kelsey Binder, Shari Brink, Jacob Heitman, Kelly Mattson, Courtney Peart, and Andrea Piatz; Outstanding Classified Staff:  Braelyn Carter, Tiera Gonzalez, Cindy Huntamer, Laura Perez, Melissa Walker, and DJ Zanotelli; Outstanding Substitute: Robert Bond; Outstanding Volunteers: Lauri Berreman, Erin Darling, and Werner Staedel; Outstanding Community Partner: Sherry Raymond, Owner King’s Row and Selah Mayor.

Best of the Best is an annual awards program designed to honor employees and volunteers for their service to the Selah School District.  The Viking Way:  Best of the Best Awards coincide with the District’s Viking Way culture and an individual’s cultivation efforts as applied to the Viking beliefs of Character, Capable, and College and Career Ready as well as highlights the District’s initiative, The Viking Touch, which emphasizes quality service standards.