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Super Selah Scientists!

Super scientists from Selah Middle School displayed their scholarship and creativity skills as they recently earned honors at the 2Seventh grade science competitors win second place honors in their division. 019 Mid-Valley Science and Engineering Competition.

Selah Middle School competitors included Sixth Grade scientists Siena Bellamy and Isaac Hurley; Seventh Grade members, Natalee Barnett and Beau Kinley; and Eighth Grade participants, Eva Michels and Jack Swindell. 

For the competition, the sixth grade science team of Bellamy and Hurley demonstrated their science skills by building a sports helmet to protect an egg when dropped.  Their project earned them fourth place honors at their grade level.

Competing in the seventh grade division, the team of Barnett and Kinley earned second place honors for the grade level.  Their project highlighted their scientific knowledge as the duo designed a balloon-powered car that traveled three meters.

During the eighth grade competition, the team consisting of Michels and Swindell displayed their science aptitude by constructing a challenging conveyor belt that moved a load around a corner.

The Mid-Valley Science and Engineering Competition is one event in a series of academic contests where schools that also comprise the league’s athletic conference compete in scholastic challenges.    Brian Lund, the students’ advisor, was not only very proud of the young scientists’ effort and accomplishment but also impressed with how they displayed Viking Pride to the 19 competing schools. 

Congratulations to Selah's super scientists!

Selah's sixth grade team build a sports helmet to protect an egg when dropped. The seventh grade science team designed a balloon-powered car. The eighth grade science team constructed a conveyor belt.