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John Campbell Students Celebrate a "Movember" to Remember

Things were a little “hairy” at John Campbell Primary School as students made “Movember” a month to remember in the school’s annual reading challenge.

In an effort to promote reading awareness during the month of November, the school held its annual Movember reading contest where classrooms competed for the ultimate prize—the opportunity to shave the beards of school “dignitaries” who had been growing their facial hair specifically as incentive for the reading prize. The idea of the challenge was students were to accumulate minutes at home by reading at least 15 minutes a night during the month. Keeping track, readers would then amass their totals and add them to the tallies of their classmates in order to calculate a classroom accumulation. At the end of the month, the classrooms accumulating the most after school reading minutes during Movember were awarded the opportunity to create a design for a stylist to shave and color into the bearded volunteers’ faces. 

Following this year’s reading challenge, the bearded duo of school resource officer, Nick Singletary, and principal, Rob Darling, kept their word and had their overgrown beards, or at least part of them, cut, colored and decorated. For the competition, the kindergarten classes dominated as the class reading the overall most minutes was Marizol Amezcua’s Dual Language kindergartners who accumulated 9,700 minutes. A close second in reading minutes were students in Amie Weiss’ Dual Language Kindergarten class who amassed 9,400 minutes. As a total, with 22 classrooms reporting reading progress, students accumulated 106,000 minutes for Movember!

Please enjoy the Movember celebration video.

Students in Marizol Amezcua's kindergarten class were top readers in the school's Movember reading challenge. Amie Weiss' kindergarten students accumulated the second highest reading totals for the Movember challenge.