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Explaining the Levy Collection Rate

Proposed Levy Collection Rates

2022 at $1.55/1,000—$3,646,115

2023 at $1.55/1,000—$4,010,728


Levy Equalization Funding

IF the levy passes, it is projected that the District will receive approximately $3 million per year in Levy Equalization funding to help support programs not adequately funded by the State. As explained on the previous page, Levy Equalization is an additional funding source the State provides property poor districts when passing levies. In Selah, Levy Equalization funding is almost a dollar for dollar match.

Associate Superintendent, Chris Scacco, said if the Enrichment Levy is approved, the available equalization funds are an important funding source. Scacco said when Levy Equalization funding is added to the funds generated from levy collection rates, the District has the available resources to help maintain educational opportunities which provide quality learning so students can gain the knowledge and skills to be college and career ready.


12% of the District's $54.3 Million Budget

IF the District’s February Enrichment Levy is approved, Levy Collection Rates combined with Levy Equalization funding will comprise 12% of the District’s $54.3 million budget. These funds directly impact students by helping support valuable programs and learning opportunities that the State does not fully fund.