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Updated Schedule for the 22-23 School Year Reflects Adjustments for Preschoolers


August 15, 2022

Preschool School Start Date and Bell Schedule Adjusted

With its commitment to maintain quality educational opportunities and best serve Selah families, the District has revised the start date for preschool students so there is no remote learning needed, as well as modified the program’s full-day bell schedule. 

The first day of school for all preschool students will now be on Monday, September 12, in-person. The scheduled preschool parent meetings for full-day students remain the last week of August.  Meetings with parents of half-day students will run from August 29‒September 7.

Also, the second adjustment to the preschool calendar for the upcoming year is that the full-day student schedule will mirror that of the kindergarten campus. The student day will now run from 9:25 a.m.‒3:55 p.m.  Doors to both the kindergarten building and preschool facility will open at 9:05 a.m. for students to have breakfast.  The bell schedules for morning and afternoon half-time preschool students remain the same.  

In preparing for the 2022-2023 school year, the initial decision to have preschool students begin in a remote learning environment coincided with the renovation timeline for the completion of the preschool building. Because the original completion date extended two-weeks into the start of the school year, having preschool students begin school remotely was the initial scenario.  But, after recent discussions with the contractor, the finalization of the project is now ahead of schedule, and the facility can be occupied earlier than originally expected.  Although this means the first day of school for preschoolers has been delayed by four days, this allows for learning to begin on-campus instead of remotely, while still meeting the required state hours for instruction. The longer school day ensures the state requirement of hours is met, even beginning four days later.  The calendar adjustment so students can begin the year in-person benefits the District’s youngest learners as there will not be any learning transitions from remote to in-person, and they will also begin the year personally with their teacher and classmates.  Also, students can immediately begin to adjust to a typical and consistent school schedule which benefits instruction. 

Further, after thoughtful consideration of the capabilities of providing quality instruction as its focus, the District recognized the challenges of working parents, as well as the limited part-time childcare availability, and adjusted the full-day preschool schedule to better accommodate families this year. Although there were valid reasons why the original preschool schedule was set, including collaboration among staff for instructional planning to meet diverse learning needs, as well as for ECEAP elements, students will benefit from the new daily school hours.  Both the preschool and kindergarten buildings will operate following the same bell schedule, and there will be more instructional minutes in the day for learners.

As the District prepares its bus routes for the 2022-2023 school year, to help us meet the transportation needs of Robert Lince students, please complete this Transportation Form.

We are excited about the new year and welcoming our preschool students to campus.  See the revised bell schedule below. If you have questions, contact the Preschool Office at 698-8022.