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Elin Gavic Earns Quarterly Selah "Gnomination" Honor!

It was a big day at Selah Intermediate School on Friday, December 17!  Not only was it the Friday before the Winter Break, pajama and Pizza Day, but the most exciting news of all was Elin Gavic was honored with the Quarterly Gnomination Award from the Selah Downtown Association. 

Gavic, a fourth-grader in Jacqly Scoggin’s classroom at Selah Intermediate School, has a special desire to help people and her Quarterly Gnomination honor is for the impact and contributions to her school community.  Earlier this year, Elin had previously won the monthly Gnomination honor.

Earlier this fall, the 3-D printer in the school’s MakerSpace Program broke, making it unusable to students and their projects. Understanding the challenge that the lack of a 3-D printer posed to learners, Elin found a solution. Elin took the initiative to bake loaves of homemade bread and with her parents help created a campaign to sell it on social media platforms. As the orders came in, the funds made from Elin’s bread sale were then donated back to the school and used for the purchase of a new MakerSpace printer and applicable supplies. Elin’s selfless act has benefited her fellow Selah Intermediate schoolmates who were once again able to use the printer for their project needs. 

A big thanks to Elin Gavic and her contributions to Selah Intermediate School!  Congratulations on your Quarterly Gnomination Award!

Elin Gavic wins the Quarterly Gnomination Award from the Selah Downtown Association.Elin Gavic celebrates her Gnomination Award