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In the Words of Students—Dear Veterans...Thank You!

Two Selah Middle School students, Hannah Christianson and Leah Noel wanted Veterans to know how much they are appreciated.

So, at the school’s recent Annual Veterans Day assembly, the two put their gratitude in words and penned a letter of appreciation which was read for all who served.

The following are the words written by the two students:

Dear Veterans, Thank you for committing your life to defend the United States of America. Thank you for sacrificing your time, loved ones, safety, and health in order to benefit our country. Your service to our country has not been forgotten or overlooked. The result of putting on the uniform is represented in who you are, no matter how many days you served, where you served, or how long ago you committed to our country. We are humbly grateful for the freedoms you defended. We sometimes overlook all the freedoms we enjoy, that you helped to defend. We would like to say, that we are putting you in the spotlight, and would like to acknowledge all the scary, and brave things you veterans did. You stepped up to the plate when we didn’t. We would like to say thank you to those who are currently serving, those who are veterans, and those who have given their lives for the betterment of our country. The president describes a veteran as anyone who “has put on the uniform of the United States Military.” So all veterans deserve our appreciation. Training, sacrifice, love, and duty are at the heart of every hero. You are ready to get mud on your boots in another country and take a bullet to defend your fellow soldiers and friends, and for that, we are most thankful. We would like to say thank you to the Veterans who don’t think they deserve our gratitude. You don’t need to have stood on the front lines, or earn a Medal of Honor to earn our heartfelt appreciation. It takes many different talents to secure and defend our great nation. If you served in any capacity, you helped the brave men and women who did not come home. You did not shy away from your duty; You ran toward the danger, taking on the responsibilities that we did not. You protected and defended all of us. That is worth a million thanks!

Definitely well said, from Selah students!

Thank you to all individuals who have served our country, or who are actively serving!

Selah students show their appreciation to Veterans. Selah Middle School students support Veterans during the annual Veterans' Day assembly.