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The Movember Reading Challenge

John Campbell Students Celebrate a "Hairy" Month


December 5, 2016


It was a “hairy” month, but students at John Campbell Primary School are celebrating Movember and the results of their school-wide reading challenge.

In an effort to promote reading awareness during the month of November, the school held its annual Movember reading challenge where classrooms competed for the ultimate prize—the opportunity to shave the beards off of four staff members who had been growing their facial hair specifically for the reading contest.  The idea of the challenge was students were to accumulate minutes at home by reading at leastJohn Campbell students celebrate Movember by decorating the beard of teacher, Tanner LaTour. 15 minutes a night during the month.  Keeping track, readers would then amass their totals and add them to the tallies of their classmates in order to calculate a classroom reading accumulation.  At each grade level, the classroom accumulating the most after school reading minutes during the month of Movember were then awarded the opportunity to create a design for a stylist to shave and color into the bearded volunteers’ faces.    

Following the Movember challenge, as promised, the bearded quartet of principal, Rob Darling, school custodian, Jesus Gonzales, first grade teacher, Gabriel Gonzalez, and second grade teacher, Tanner LaTour, kept their word and on December 2, their overgrown beards, or at least part of them, were cut, colored and decorated.  As the overall school winner amassing the most reading minutes during the challenge, Danita Tullis’ second grade classroom received the honor of creating the design for Darling’s beard, a perfect “Elf on the Shelf” creation.  During the competition Tullis’ students read an incredible total of 10,418 minutes during the month.  Other grade level top readers included Cheanna Siekawtich’s kindergarten class which read 6,490 minutes.  Additionally, the first grade class accruing the most reading time was Kendra Doan’s students who read 4,360, while Tanner LaTour’s second grade class read 7,952 minutes.

For Darling and the other volunteers, having their beards shaved and decorated was well worth the curious looks and giggles received from colleagues, students and parents throughout the day as they know research shows that kids exposed to reading have higher oral language, language growth and overall reading skills.  It was a small price to pay when celebrating Movember!