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Congratulations to the Selah Academy Class of 2021!


"You Persevered and That’s Why You are Here!"

The graduating class from Selah Academy Online and Big Picture Learning celebrated success on the evening of June 12, as 11 students were honored for earning their high school diplomas.  Honored students included those who graduated from Selah Academy, or those who attended classes at both the Academy and Selah High School.  Graduates also included students who met credit standards during the year, those who met requirements within the weeks following the end of school, or those from previous classes who worked to meet graduation requirements this year. 

In opening the ceremony, Selah Academy principal, Joe Coscarart, addressed students by saying, "As you sit here today, you can have confidence in yourselves in the face of adversity.  No other Class has overcome so much challenge to get to this point.  You chose how to figure it out, how to learn, how to live.  You persevered and that's why you are here!"

Congratulations Selah Academy graduates: Jazmyne Casper, Finn Carney, Ethan Cate, Tala Dixon-Johnson, Kyle Gawlik, Sarah Jessup, Jaicob Kohler, Payge Prater, Lucca Sikes, Nehemiah Whitworth, and Melissa Zamora.  We are proud of you! 

Selah Academy students prepare for graduation.Selah Academy and Big Picture Learning students at graduation.Selah Academy and Big Picture Learning students celebrate graduation.