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Preschool Program Selected as Project Demonstration Site

The Robert Lince Early Learning Center is swapping its Viking blue for Huskey purple this year as the preschool program was selected as a demonstration site in theThe Preschool Program has been selected as a project demonstration site. Inclusionary Practice Project. The announcement was made by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Haring Center for Inclusive Education at the University of Washington. 

Inclusion is the belief and practice that all students have access to meaningful academic and social opportunities in general education settings. Research links access to instruction in general educational settings to improved outcomes for students.  With that, the State Legislature provided OSPI with $25,000,000, through the 2019-2021 budget to implement professional development in support of inclusionary practices among learners.  The Robert Lince Preschool was selected to participate in the project based on demonstrated excellence in inclusionary practices among students with disabilities.  As part of the project, staff will receive mentoring on inclusive teaching practices to increase their capacity to meet the needs of all students, regardless of ability or background, and in turn be a demonstration site where other schools visit to learn inclusionary techniques.