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How It Works

Each classroom has a highly qualified teacher that has been trained professionally to instruct a Dual-Language classroom environment. The program provides two-way English/Spanish immersion that gives native speaking English and Spanish students the opportunity to become bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural by the time they reach middle school. 

Our dual immersion program is designed to serve speakers of both languages within the same classroom. Students are intentionally mixed in the same educational environment to provide communication and academic language development through an interactive setting. Program participation beings in kindergarten and will continue through fifth grade.

The curriculum in the program utilizes communication-based instruction, balanced literacy strategies and interactive participation. Selah School Districts uses the Dual Langauge Education of New Mexico model. This model ensures that students receive reading, writing, and speaking instruction in both languages, beginning in kindergarten. 

Selah School District Dual Language Master Plan - coming soon

Washington State Dual Language Program Evaluation Tool


Assessment Calendar - English
Assessment Calendar - Spanish