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    Request for Qualifications

    Construction Management Services for Transportation Cooperative Facility Due 9/17/21 by 3:00 p.m.

     Scope of Work

    The Selah School District No. 119 seeks qualification statements from Construction Management firms to act as an agent and advocate for the District for the development and construction of a planned new transportation cooperative facility. The project will be design-bid-build and the selected CM firm will be expected to assist the district with the following services:

    • Develop Total Project Cost Master Budget and review all expenditures for the duration of the project to support District capital budget
    • Create and submit all OSPI School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) D-Form paperwork to OSPI beginning with the D-3 project approval application through the D-11 form submission associated with Project Occupancy and
    • Assist with the procurement and contractual agreements on behalf of the District for District of vendors and consultants which may include but not necessarily be limited to Architect, Engineers, Constructability Review, Building Commissioning, Materials & Testing Services, Topographic and Boundary Surveys, Geotechnical Investigations, Transportation Studies, Cultural Resource, or other consultants required to successfully design and construct the
    • Board, community, regulatory officials’ meetings, and other public meeting attendance during the Design and Construction Phases of the
    • Design planning and Construction meeting attendance and
    • Review and approval of General Contractor construction submittals, RFI’s, Proposal Requests, and Pay
    • Additional services as requested by the

     Interested applicant firms shall submit their qualifications along with a letter of interest that includes proposed personnel, resumes and backgrounds, relevant experience, previous projects that would be applicable to this specific building type and OSPI SCAP funding for this specific building type, as well as examples of local construction knowledge and experience.

     Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Review and Award

    The Selah School District Selection Committee may choose to interview firm(s) or to directly begin negotiations with the firm determined to be most qualified. The Committee may or may not have questions for a submitting firm via e-mail or phone or ZOOM conference during the selection committee review process. District intends to enter into a negotiation for a consulting agreement with the firm offering the best qualifications and experience as judged by the District

    Selection Committee. The District reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the proposal submitted.

    The School District anticipates award of the work in the month of September, 2021.

     Qualification Submittal Requirements

    Professional firms and individuals interested in providing services as described above to the Selah School District must:

    Submit an electronic document via e-mail indicating previous public-sector K12 or other educational project management experience. The Qualification document shall be limited to ten (10), single sided, 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets. Statement of Qualifications with subject line “Selah School District Construction Management Services” shall only be submitted electronically via email no later than 3:00 PM PDT(or PST) on 9/17/21, to:

    Shane Backlund, Superintendent Selah School District

     Please call the Selah School District Superintendent’s Office, Tiera Gonzalez, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at 509-698-8001 to confirm that the District has received your submission via email before the submission deadline. Documents received after the designated date and time will not be considered.

     The district reserves the right to reject any qualifications not in compliance with all prescribed public procedures and requirements and to waive informalities in this qualification’s response process.

     The Statement of Qualifications must include:

    • A letter of introduction (of no more than two single-sided pages) to include the firm’s strategy to provide project coordination to Selah School District personnel, and how/why you believe you are best suited to work with the Selah School District. The letter should also include the following:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Principal place of business
      • Telephone number, and e-mail address of legal entity or individual with whom the contract would be written
      • Legal status     of    the   Contractor    (sole    proprietorship,              partnership, or corporation) and the year the entity was organized to do business
      • Federal Employer Tax Identification number or Social Security number and the Washington Uniform Business Identification (UBI) number issued by the state of Washington Department of Revenue
    • A diagram and/or narrative describing the key personnel assigned to the project including the primary project manager and their backgrounds appropriate for this specific Resumes may be provided.
    • Examples of five previous projects of similar type and current names and references for projects No limitation on years since completion. The District is particularly interested in the breadth and depth of the firm’s experience managing on behalf of a school district the designing and construction of public works projects in the general region, experience with the transportation services building type, and the firm’s experience working on transportation cooperative facility capital projects which have received OSPI SCAP funds.
    • Provide a  list of immediate “must haves” from the District to enhance project delivery and

    Submittal evaluation by the selection committee will involve a ranking of the following criteria and related scoring (based on 100-point total):

    • Letter/Why the firm is best suited for this work representing the district: 15 points
    • Experience of the proposed Project Manager(s) similar project type and budget: 35 points
    • Demonstrated experience  working  with  OSPI  SCAP-funded  capital  projects  including transportation cooperatives that require on-budget deliverables: 35 points
    • List of “must haves” from the District to enhance project delivery quality and cost control: 15 points

    Public Records

    Under Washington state law, the documents (including but not limited to written, printed, graphic, electronic, photographic or voice mail materials and/or transcriptions, recordings or reproductions thereof) submitted in response to this request for proposals (the “documents”) become a public record. 

    End of the Request for Qualifications