Culture in Selah School District

  • Culture is the intersection of focus and intentional behaviors.  In the Selah School District, our focus on culture has yielded exciting results.  From student mentors demonstrating the Viking Way to District staff exhibiting the Viking Touch, culture is a part of each and every interaction in Selah.  


    We are proud of the Viking Way with our focus on strong character, a growth mindset with capable students and the goal of being college and career ready upon completion of high school.


    Cultivating community connections is another area of celebration for our district.  Partnering with the Yakima Training Center for “One Mission, Many Career” field trips have been a highlight.  Additionally, we appreciate our faith-based partners who have adopted schools in Selah and are serving as Viking reading buddies.


    Thanks for taking time to learn more about the our Viking culture in the Selah School District.

    The Viking Way