Welcome to Selah Academy Counseling

  • Our mission as school counselors is to provide a counseling program that will assist every student in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become an effective student, responsible citizen, productive worker, and a lifelong learner. 


     What Can My School Counselor Help Me With?

    • Brief solution focused individual counseling
    • Social development
    • Crisis response
    • Organization
    • Study skills
    • Communication skills
    • Mental Health referrals
    • Drug/Alcohol referrals



  • Kari Sterns 
    T. 509-698-8069

    Kari Sterns 

    Tracy Ratliff
    Secretary / Registrar
    T. 509-698-8062
    Tracy Ratliff

    Breanne Smith
    Substance Use Disorder Professional/Selah Student Assistant Specialist
    On-Site M/W/F
    SA - 698-8064