• Advisory
    Advisory equips students with knowledge and skills necessary to ignite their potential - self-assessment, study skills, course selection, college admissions, financial aid, and career planning-through online and classroom-based lessons. If we want more students to have successful futures, then we must teach them how to explore, plan, and follow through on their options.

    Selah Middle School has a student mentoring program. The program involves peer mentoring and includes mentorship and leadership training for selected mentors.

    Students who are interested in helping other students adjust to our school can apply to be a mentor. Mentors have the great opportunity to build skills as leaders of our school, to help make SMS a better school, and to make a difference in the lives of other students.

    And of course, it is a lot of fun! In the spring, mentors attended a spring training with a trainer from leadership camp. Throughout the school year, mentors will continue to be trained. A main emphasis of the training is to help the mentors focus on living by our Core Values and then teach it to other students.

    Each mentor connects with five peers during a time called M2M time. This means mentor-to-mentee time. This is a planned connection time during 3rd period on Fridays that happens about every two weeks.

    This program has a powerful effect on the culture and climate of our school.